A sampling of my work. Personal Favorites* appear in bold.

Recent Work — Stories published in various places during the past couple years.

Sam Rose Writes Originals  A “Greatest Hits” of stories published on SamRose101.com:

The Human Comedy vignettes on ImageCurve.com  Super-short stories, snapshots of life. Sometimes funny, sometimes unnerving, sometimes poignant — always human. Full archives here. Highlights:

I’ve also published some poems on Image Curve:

Jewish Daily Forward articles — For the Forward subsections “The Arty Semite” and “The Jew & The Carrot.”

Work for Thrillist.com — One story, so far, but one close to my heart.

Articles for Elite Daily Articles for the site known as “the voice of Generation-Y.” Archives hereFavorites:

Sports Articles and Columns from The Daily Tar Heel  Unfortunately, an abbreviated archive. I wrote DTH columns from my sophomore to senior years at UNC (2006-2009); the paper’s online archives no longer house all content from those days of yore. The columns, for posterity’s sake, were titled “Wednesday’s Special: Green Eggs and Sam” (sophomore year), “The Garden State of Mind” (junior year), and “Senior-writis” (senior year). They won a number of Society of Professional Journalists Awards, and writing them was one of the joys of my creative life.

UNC Basketball and Football Coverage for WRALsportsfan.com  I wrote part-time for the CBS affiliate (and the leading online news site in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area) during my junior and senior years at UNC. (As with the DTH, an incomplete archive.)

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