The Storyteller

Hi, and welcome. I’m Sam Rosenthal, and I tell stories.

Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, I went to college in North Carolina (Chapel Hill) before moving to Madrid, Spain for two years. In 2013 I relocated to Manhattan, and I’ve been trying to make it here ever since.

Currently, I do freelance work in documentary filmmaking, journalism, advertising and corporate communications. Some of the companies I work with are fighting to dismantle systemic racism and fix the U.S. healthcare system, while others are telling stories about remarkable humans and brands that are making a difference. I have worked for/with ESPN, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Pabst Blue Ribbon, KFC, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Philadelphia Union, Point Made Films, Stephen David Entertainment, altered image, Means of Productions Films, the Family Medicine Education Consortium and WRAL North Carolina TV. My work has been published by ABC News On Campus,, The Jewish Daily Forward, Elite Daily, Image Curve, The Cauldron, Human Parts (on Medium) and others. I speak English and Spanish fluently, and Hebrew and Italian horribly. I’ve also written a novel and a TV pilot. Stay tuned for those.

On this web site you will find examples of my work. As with any storyteller’s work, each of my stories contains pieces of me — my thoughts, emotions and poor attempts at humor. My goal is to focus on aspects of life that often go unnoticed in an effort to change the way people think, act and see the world. The beauty is always there — all we have to do is look for it.

Keep It Movin,



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