The Storyteller

Hi, and welcome to Sam Rose Writes. I’m Sam Rosenthal: writer, videographer, journalist; a storyteller, in short, and this is my short story.

Born in Philadelphia and raised in South Jersey, I went to college in North Carolina (Chapel Hill) before moving to Madrid, Spain for two years. In 2013 I relocated to Manhattan, where I currently reside in a one-bedroom, walk-up apartment on the fourth floor of a pre-war building. (Note: “Pre-war” seems to mean any war after 1865.) I pay more for a square foot of real estate than a bottle of Martin Shkreli meds, but I can throw a baseball from my front stoop and hit Central Park. Such is New York.

Professionally, I have worked in broadcast, print and sports journalism, advertising and corporate communications, TV and film production, education and even hospitality (read: I can mix a mean martini and carry trays and glassware like a ninja). I have worked for/with ESPN, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Pabst Blue Ribbon, KFC, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Philadelphia Union, the Family Medicine Education Consortium and WRAL North Carolina TV. My work has been published by ABC News On Campus,, The Jewish Daily Forward, Elite Daily, Image Curve, Human Parts (on Medium) and others. I speak English and Spanish fluently, and Hebrew and Italian horribly. I’ve written complete a novel and a TV pilot. Stay tuned for those— some day, I may actually finish editing.

On this web site you will find examples of my work. As with any storyteller’s work, each of my stories contains pieces of me — my thoughts, emotions, poor attempts at humor and consciousness. Of course, none of these snippets actually are me — but they are windows into the whole.

What that “whole” is — well, that’s another story altogether.

—— Sam Rosenthal


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